Mandy has been a solid part of my life for over 5 years. She has helped me through some of the most turbulent years my life; divorce, heartbreak, body image issues, depression, anxiety, family dilemmas, etc… She saw my struggles and asked me to let her help. I don’t accept help easily. In fact, I’ve always resisted it because I thought that it showed weakness. But her genuineness allowed me to finally put my guard down and accept help. Mandi helped me break down a lot of internal barriers and false beliefs I had built about myself. She helped me understand how to appreciate the present, pay attention to signs and take chances for the future. Mandi’s was able to identify what was holding me back by going to the root of my being and showing me my true self. Through her therapeutic life coaching, I was able to overcome my anxieties and identity when my ego was sabotaging my ability to move forward. I’m so grateful to Mandi and recommend her to all my friends and family who need guidance. I attribute much of my success to the skills she embedded in me.