I met Mandi at a very critical time of my life. I had been in several traumas before from relationships and because of my background, and my close friend recommended Mandi’s services. When I zoom called her the first time I knew there was an instant connection and I could feel the power of her energies through the screen of my laptop. Throughout our sessions, Mandi was able to dive deep into traumas I did not even recall. I was also suffering from a chronic condition that was giving me a lot of pain and doctors had put me on medication as there was no diagnosis for my condition. Mandi was able to help me release many things that were causing me this physical pain and step by step we managed to get me off the medication. My condition is much much better than before with her help.

She has an amazing talent and gift and working with her was definitely a turning point for me. She even gave me a customized schedule and a routine to stick to for after our sessions. I continue to do the breathing techniques she taught me and it has made enormous different in my everyday life. She also taught me how not to repeat the same patterns that I was doing before, so I do not face the same problems. Honestly, I would recommend you start doing sessions with her even before you face any problems. She will teach you how to control whatever situation you are facing, rather than allow the situation to control you. My experience with her is very valuable and I cherish every single session we had together. Thank you again Mandi for everything.