You Change One Life

Professional Healthcare Volunteer USA


We need:

People who are willing to help us with community focused initiatives.

Health practitioners who are able to provide telehealth care.

Researchers and writers who can publish cutting-edge research articles.

Holistic health and healing coaches who can do one-on-one sessions.

Social network influencers to do peer-to-peer and event fundraising.

And people who can give general administrative support to the organization.


Give 0-10 Minutes

  • Invite those who need health support to become UC1L member.

  • Post a social media message about UC1L’s holistic health services.

Give 10-60 Minutes

  • Fundraise for UC1L through email invitation/social media fundraising.

  • Post a YouTube/Facebook video explaining UC1L service to your friends/network.

Give Few Hours a Week

  • Be a change maker – join our regular volunteer network.

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Professional Healthcare Volunteer

On behalf of UC1L, I want to sincerely thank you for considering joining our mission to design services that empowers people to connect with themselves and others and to achieve inner peace and holistic wellbeing.

This is such an excellent first step you’re taking. We need your help to fulfill our ambitious goal of creating a better place where people have access to self-help and self-development knowledge and resources to unlock their inner peace and lead a happier life.

What we need from you, is your help with creating more coaching opportunities to help build the life skills that other’s need to achieve the purpose and vision they seek, depending on the approach best suited for them.

We need your help in advancing the science of the developing brain and our understanding of holistic health issues through cutting-edge research and open and authentic sharing.

We need your help in providing general administrative support so that our organization can meet the demands of running a community-focused organization that our members and donors deserve.

We also need your help in creating online training courses that help to identify and respond effectively to people with holistic health issues and those who have been unable to unlock that inner perfect self that we all have.

And finally, we need you to become UC1L’s Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Champion! Your fundraising effort will help us to achieve our targeted goal to raise $300,000 by June 2021, which will give us more opportunities and resources for everyone to connect their inner perfect self through the development of their physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social wellbeing that ultimately generates positive vibes and a peaceful environment all around.

I sincerely hope that you strongly consider joining me and my team so we can unite us all in our pursuit of making a difference in the world by bringing positive change in not only your life but everyone’s life around you. You will have my full support and that of my team’s support and our resources.


Mandi Kaur

UC1L Founder