You Change One Life

Your Program Facilitator

Mandi is a breathwork facilitator, neuro-linguistic practitioner (NLP) and holistic wellness coach. She uses body-mind-soul centering techniques to regulate the nervous system, release unprocessed emotions and blockages, and bring people into mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual alignment.

As the founder of UChange1Life, she values harmony, cooperation, health optimization, and authentic connection. Her mission is to empower people to overcome stress, cultivate emotional mastery and unlock their full potential.

Through a personalized breathwork experience, Mandi will gently dig under and help you process and release the stuck energy of stress and trauma. She is beyond excited to blend visualization techniques with breathwork to help you create a profound self-reflective experience.

Throughout her experience studying different methods of breathing, Mandi, after years of study and practice, has distilled ancient and modern breath practices to bring you their core principles in this program.

Healing will take 5-10 minutes each day, for 7 days. After those 7 days, you can decide whether you are okay to continue by yourself or whether you need additional coaching.

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