Unveiling the Essence of Holistic Health

At UC1L (U Change 1 Life), our foundational principle is rooted in the transformative power of holistic health care. We firmly believe that the journey towards healing and wellbeing commences when individuals embark on a holistic approach, nurturing every facet of their existence. From physical vitality to emotional balance, mental clarity, spiritual fulfilment, and professional satisfaction — we recognize that these elements are interconnected threads, each influencing the other.

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Our Belief

When one aspect of life remains unaddressed or neglected, a ripple effect is triggered, impacting the overall tapestry of wellbeing.

This philosophy underscores our commitment to holistic health care, as we understand that true healing necessitates embracing all dimensions of one’s being.

The Ripple Effect

Just as a stone creates ripples when cast into water, every positive change made in one area resonates across all others. We see this as the essence of holistic health care — an approach that kindles a profound transformation, impacting not only the individual but also the world around them.

Our Approach

  • Physical Wellness: We advocate for practices that rejuvenate the body, promoting vitality, and ensuring optimal health.
  • Mental Clarity: Mental wellness is paramount. Through mindfulness and self-care, we encourage mental acuity and emotional resilience.
  • Emotional Balance: Our initiatives guide individuals towards emotional harmony, fostering a positive outlook and inner peace.
  • Spiritual Fulfillment: Nurturing the soul is essential. We support spiritual exploration, enabling individuals to find meaning and purpose.
  • Professional Satisfaction: Recognizing the role of vocation in wellbeing, we empower individuals to excel in their professional endeavors.

Join Our Holistic Movement

UC1L invites you to embrace holistic health care as more than a concept — as a way of life. As we embark on this journey together, we celebrate the interplay of these essential dimensions and stand united in our commitment to creating a world of true and lasting wellbeing.


Without you, we simply cannot support our community-focused health and wellness initiatives.


Simply put, you are the heart and soul of UC1L.


Let’s work together to empower the world today!

What Our Clients Say:

Eunice, M. Project Manager

The sessions with Mandi really did turn me around as a person. I had struggled with anxiety for such a long time until one time during a session Mandi got the feeling that it could be something in my DNA, by the end of that session, It was gone, completely gone! I could not believe it, I kept waiting for it to come back, and still, nothing. I went through a self-discovery journey that really challenged me to face my fears and become a better version of myself wholistically. As much as healing is a rollercoaster, I have to admit this is the best I have been in a while, and I am so glad that this is how I experienced it.

Serena l. Entrepreneur, Realtor, and Investor

I met Mandi at a very critical time of my life. I had been in several traumas before from relationships and because of my background, and my close friend recommended Mandi’s services. When I zoom called her the first time I knew there was an instant connection and I could feel the power of her energies through the screen of my laptop. Throughout our sessions, Mandi was able to dive deep into traumas I did not even recall. I was also suffering from a chronic condition that was giving me a lot of pain and doctors had put me on medication as there was no diagnosis for my condition. Mandi was able to help me release many things that were causing me this physical pain and step by step we managed to get me off the medication. My condition is much much better than before with her help.

She has an amazing talent and gift and working with her was definitely a turning point for me. She even gave me a customized schedule and a routine to stick to for after our sessions. I continue to do the breathing techniques she taught me and it has made enormous different in my everyday life. She also taught me how not to repeat the same patterns that I was doing before, so I do not face the same problems. Honestly, I would recommend you start doing sessions with her even before you face any problems. She will teach you how to control whatever situation you are facing, rather than allow the situation to control you. My experience with her is very valuable and I cherish every single session we had together. Thank you again Mandi for everything.

Niala M., Journalist, TV and Radio Host

Mandy has been a solid part of my life for over 5 years. She has helped me through some of the most turbulent years my life; divorce, heartbreak, body image issues, depression, anxiety, family dilemmas, etc… She saw my struggles and asked me to let her help. I don’t accept help easily. In fact, I’ve always resisted it because I thought that it showed weakness. But her genuineness allowed me to finally put my guard down and accept help. Mandi helped me break down a lot of internal barriers and false beliefs I had built about myself. She helped me understand how to appreciate the present, pay attention to signs and take chances for the future. Mandi’s was able to identify what was holding me back by going to the root of my being and showing me my true self. Through her therapeutic life coaching, I was able to overcome my anxieties and identity when my ego was sabotaging my ability to move forward. I’m so grateful to Mandi and recommend her to all my friends and family who need guidance. I attribute much of my success to the skills she embedded in me.

Aria A., Healthcare Professional

Mandi has helped me identify some of my deepest insecurities within the first session. She’s made me realize meditative techniques can help heal some of my limiting beliefs. Her coaching session was an encouraging factor in opening myself to a unique method in moving forward to fulfill my dreams and desires. Her method was a great introduction to a new approach to living life abundantly.

J S Analyst, DoD

Extraordinary ability to guide and encourage! Mandi has the focus and attention to detail required to put any person on track with their individual goals. I say that because If she did it for me, she can easily do it for you! The most important thing in life is happiness. After going through her coaching sessions, I can say I am a very happy person! Thank you, Mandi!

Jay K., Self Employed

It was a pleasure meeting Mandi and learning so much more about myself. Her coaching sessions helped me a lot in managing my Anger. She also tought me about a personalized and unique breathing practice that helps me center myself during stressful situations. I have more self awareness now and know how to better manage my emotions. I’m very happy with the results and her coaching. Thank you so much for working with me at my own pace Mandi. I’m blessed and grateful that my friend referred me to you.

Bob L., MA Consultant, Facilitator

I deeply appreciate Mandi’s coaching expertise and insights, and especially how she keeps me on track with the things I can start to avoid. She is a healer with natural skills to connect and communicate good energy to her clients, to our great advantage! She is courageous in moving into deeper territory as needed, helping me face challenges and use my own skills and experience to move through obstacles to see advantages to the discomfort of change and growth. My business is better thanks to Mandi’s influence. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking guidance on how to tap into all the skills and energy that may have been missing for a while, to make the progress you truly want.

Rohit Kumar Chaudhary

I am very grateful to you for the the help you have provided to me in the hardest emotional time of my life.

Words can’t explain the support you have given and the belief you slowly constructed in me. You changed my perspective about life and made me realise the value of life and those around us especially our family.

Its only because of your considerable support and positivity that u have given to me, that i am able to live my life in peace and happiness more than ever and everyone around me feels happy in my presence.

This magic has happened as u showed me the way of hope and positive attitude as the key, and this path has made me a better person than ever i was.

I am and will always be very grateful to you mam for changing my life for the better.

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