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No matter how old you are, where you live, or whether or not you can give, you can help us help others through our mission - and you can start right now.

Here’s how you can help make an impact and change the lives of people through holistic health development.

Become A Donor

Contribute towards cutting edge science-driven research initiatives and a central knowledge bank, freely accessible to all, so we can learn and grow together.

Provide self-development online training and learning opportunities to the global community.

Organizing teams of holistic and preventative health volunteers to give communities the tools needed to develop their whole wellbeing
Providing access to essential telehealth services.


Become A Volunteer

Bring in-demand and routine holistic health and healing coaching opportunities to those who want to bring positive change to their lives and to others.

Research and publicize best practices, innovations and resources through open science and data-sharing initiatives.

Bring awareness to your world and the world around you through peer-to-peer and event fundraising.

Holistic and personalized telehealth care.

Community focused initiatives.


Become A Partner

Partnerships play a key role in UC1L’s efforts to design and provide services that empower everyone and to help them achieve inner peace and holistic wellbeing. Lasting inner peace and holistic wellbeing is achieved through collaboration with a range of extraordinary partners, including governments, local communities, businesses and individual donors. We leverage the strengths of these collaborations to achieve great success.

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