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We cannot make it alone, we need your help.

As a non-profit, we depend upon donations to sustain our mission. Any kind of donation - time, experience or resources - will help us move forward… One breath at a time.

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Help U Change 1 Life (UC1L) bring holistic self-awareness to that inner perfect self we all have to enhance the quality of your health and wellbeing.

30 Min Meditation

Receive a 30-minute breathing meditation consultation through your donation.

60 Min Assessment

Receive a 60-minute whole health assessment through your donation.

Where Your Donation Goes


The impact of the coronavirus pandemic is causing the world to relook at the way we bring healthcare to those who are unable to leave their home.

We hope you can support our efforts in bringing virtual coaching, online communities, eLearning, cutting edge online research, and telehealth care services to those in need.

If UC1L has been useful to you, please consider making a donation to keep UC1L thriving for generations to come.

People & Projects

We have a limited budget, two employees, and a long, growing list of volunteers ready to support a wide variety of online projects and initiatives.

We need your donation to keep us moving forward on a path that can bring health empowerment to everyone in the world.