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They say learning is a life-long journey, so why not start it young? Learning new skills simply opens more possibilities and opportunities in life. This is especially true with young girls, and they can upskill even as they are studying. The Internet offers a vast collection of online courses tailored for this demographic, and the best thing about these is that young ladies can take them even as they deal with their academics.

Now, what courses are we talking about, you ask? Keep reading as we will detail our top picks below. 

6 Best Online Courses for Studying Young Girls

If you are a young lady looking to add another skill to your belt, you will definitely not have a hard time finding an online course to help you out. Here are some great ones that you should consider, though:

Finance & Accounting

Money matters, and if you’re looking to make the most of your finances, you should take Harvard Business School’s Finance & Accounting online course. The course should help you grow in-depth and intuitive knowledge of finance and accounting, providing you with important insights along the way.

Code Week: Teens Get Coding

Programming unlocks a wide array of opportunities in the tech field, and it’s not too early for a young woman to learn how to code. Created around Scratch system, this course builds your programming skill from the ground up. Plus, it is developed specifically for people aged 12 to 17 years of age, so you’ll be sure that you’re getting appropriately programmed training.

Injury Prevention for Children & Teens

Learn beyond basic first aid with this course developed by the good folks at the University of Michigan. The training is based around the understanding that injuries from accidents, violence, and suicide are the leading cause of teenage death. In that regard, it teaches the fundamentals of injury prevention through demonstrations, interviews, and lectures from a multidisciplinary panel of experts.

TEEN MBA Course for Teenagers

Awaken your inner entrepreneur in this twelve-week MBA-style program from Henry Harvin. Learn the basics of business, as well as the skills and tools that you will need to achieve entrepreneurial success in this digital, data-driven world. You can also develop your skills further and specialize as a chief executive officer (CEO), chief finance officer (CFO), chief marketing officer (CMO), or chief technology officer (CTO).

3D Animation and VFX Courses for Teenagers

If you are into animation and movies, you might want to give this online course from Delhi Animation a try. The training covers not just 2D animation but also 3D animation and visual effects. This is a great introduction to the art of animation for teenage girls. 

Modern and Contemporary Art and Design 

This online course from Coursera is a great fit for young girls looking to learn how to invent their own brand of fashion. Offered by the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), you can expect no less than quality instruction in aesthetics and design. The comprehensive training is based on 70 fashion designs from all over the world, ensuring that you learn with a broad perspective. 

No Excuses Not to Upskill

Being young, female, and indulged in an academic journey should not be a hurdle to learning a new skill. There are flexible online courses that can develop your skill set, and all you’ll really need is the willingness to learn.