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Women empowerment is the need of the society. Women’s empowerment has long
been necessary, but only in the past few years has it gained popularity. Fighting for
equal rights is only one aspect of women’s empowerment. The goal of women’s
empowerment is to free them from the oppressive forces of society. In a place like India,
where female goddesses are revered concurrently, a woman may experience sexual
harassment, be denied the right to an education, have her voice silenced, or become
the next victim of domestic abuse. Only when women are no longer subjected to
constant pressure and are given the freedom to express their opinions will Indian
society be able to advance. In India, a woman is limited to caring for her family and
doing household chores. But these are not the only problems faced by women. Indian
women not only in India but abroad also are facing problems such as deomedtic
violence, torture, oppression etc. Every year we hear the news of some NRI women
being tortured by her husband or her in laws because of many reason. Sometimes it is
because of dowry or because of the male dominance and sometimes because of
ridiculous beliefs such as discrimination between the genders or a woman not giving
birth to a son.

Recently a similar case came in front of the world. The Kaur Movement posted the
heartbreaking video on social media in an effort to spread awareness about violence
against South Asian women. Mandeep Kaur, a NRI woman staying in New York, the
victim of violence tearfully described in the video how her husband would hit her while
engaging in extramarital affairs, sometimes even without drinking. She continued by
saying that her in-laws were unhelpful. Many people who remain abroad are forced into
fictitious unions or left behind by their husbands.

This recent incident is one of the biggest examples why women empowerment is
needed much more than before. Even though we are living in the 21st century, the
patriarchal world has its roots still dug deep into society. Many measures can be taken
in regard to women empowerment which will eventually reduce such cases.