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Breathe through your nose.

Inhale and exhale through your nose every time you take in a breath and release the breath. Your nose filters and refines the air. When you breathe through the mouth, you are missing benefits, and according to emerging information, it may even me damaging to your system. An estimated 80-90% of the population do not breathe correctly or with optimum results, and may be causing long-term damage to their bodies.

Breathe with your diaphragm (abdomen).

Take slow deep breaths starting with your diaphragm. Fill your body with oxygen. Practice lying down and feeling your breath begin down in your belly while your chest moves very little.

Breathe evenly and rhythmically.

Don’t gulp air. Keep your breaths regular and steady. Everything in nature has a rhythm, the sun, moon, seasons, and people.

Count your respirations.

The respiratory rhythm is on average between 12-20 times per minute when at rest.

Breathe quietly.

Unintentional noises are not a part of healthy breathing. Snoring, coughing, snorting, wheezing, sniffling, and whistling sounds indicate a lack of health. The problem may be short or long term. Do not force your breathing. Breathe deeply and feel your mind, body, and spirit rejuvenated.

RightNow Brand

It’s just a difficult day. You’ve heard that so many times before. It’s been one too many difficult days actually. It’s okay, just wait; things will get better. And yet, it’s been a very long, uphill battle where you can’t see the end. You’ve done everything you could but somehow life seems to get worse with each effort and it has all become so overwhelming for you. It’s been a long journey you’ve had to trek alone, and even your mind and body can’t seem to cooperate with you.


You probably feel stressed. Curling into yourself, you didn’t notice your shoulders have tensed, pulling tight towards your neck.


Loosen your shoulders. Shake them and stretch your neck.


Hold for a second.


Breathing can do wonders for our minds. Even for just one moment, a deep breath can help you relax. And you know what? It’s all in your control. Your breathing is under your control, completely in your power. You can do this any time, at any place.

You can do it RightNow.

RightNow Bands were created to serve as a reminder to focus on your breath and breathe through your nose. Make sure you sit up straight, which allows your internal organs to move into a natural position and allow for deep, relaxed, breathing. Close your mouth as you inhale and exhale through your nose. Share your story or donate your time right now!

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